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You don't need a magic genie. All you need is you.

A simple truth for you: If you’re looking outside yourself, comparing yourself to others, using an external barometer to decide where you fall in the hierarchy of female bodies, it’s going to keep you stuck. Are you using the success of other women as inspiration for what is possible for you? Or are you comparing yourself to what they are/have and you’re not/don’t have? You can feel this in your tummy. It feels like excitement for the future or icky and a desperate need for a magic genie. I used to be here, comparing myself to other women (my body isn’t strong/fit/lean enough). But when I realised what MY path was it gave me room to feel genuine happiness and love towards women whom I thought were my competitors. When you give love and see your peers as inspiration for what is possible for your own life (but on YOUR terms and how that might look for YOU) you can free yourself from the comparison trap. Please, sistah. Please stop robbing yourself of your own happiness, success and enjoyment. You will never be at peace until you turn your focus inward. You will never feel enough of anything if you’re constantly looking for validation from others. Instead comparing yourself to others, how about: am I better than me yesterday? This better doesn’t have to do with exercise or restricting food or being ‘good’. Better is showing up as a better human by which you’re living your values. When you do that, damn, you’re invincible. YOU start creating your life rather than trying to fit into someone else’s mould. When you get stuck in comparison ask yourself:

1. Is this what I really want? (no wine on Friday night to be a BF%?)

2. Is this realistic for me to achieve? (Do I have time/money/resources/ energy to invest into this?)

3. Who is the person I want to be? (How do I need to think/ do/ be?) When you get caught comparing yourself on the Gram or wondering how it’s so much easier for her to reshape her body (you can’t assume anything, BTW), come back to your road map, which is lit by your values, like lamps down an unknown path.

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