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This option is for women who may already be well on their way to what they want but just want to make sure they are on the right track.

This is also for those that may need less frequent check-ins and can opt for a consult package and use the sessions as they wish.

Each consult includes an after-action briefing personalised for your goals and our discussion, so that you have clear direction and a plan to get you there that you can take action on straight away.

These sessions are primarily done remotely but depending on your and my location an in-person session may be negotiable.   


San Diego, USA

As much positive change as there is in my training, the positive changes in lifestyle and mindset is something I most appreciated from Olivia’s coaching.

She doesn’t feel like a distance coach at all, and she always expresses so much care, patience, and kindness when it comes to my struggles with how I was feeling. For example, she didn’t just care about how I did for that day’s training; she cares about how I FEEL about what I did and she made me realise that perspective is everything.

When it comes to days that I’m not feeling the best and didn’t do as well as I hope to, she guided me to see the situation from a different angle and to focus on what I can control. And resolving those negative feelings around a “bad” day of training is what kept me to be motivated and ready to move on.


 What Clients Say 


Minnesota, USA

The hardest part of this process was feeling vulnerable. I was out of my comfort zone. It was all new- the exercises and working with a trainer. There was very little running. However, I made a commitment to myself. In order to see the results that I wanted I had to learn to trust her and the process. It turned out that the hardest part of feeling vulnerable was also the best part about the process. Without experiencing these emotions, I would have never questioned myself, been motivated enough to push through my uncomfortableness, or have been trusting and accepting to the changes.

I thought I was “just” getting a personal trainer to help with building some foundational muscles to support Crossfit and running, but I got so much more than that. Olivia has helped me reshape the way I think about exercise, nutrition, daily habits, and the importance of finding a healthier balance between work and family.


She puts together the plan and routines and all I have to do is show up. Immediately, I knew why she was having me do what I was doing, All of the exercises have been catered to my individual needs that are targeted areas of growth for me. Although Olivia wasn’t physically with me at the gym she was
always there; even when I was halfway across the world. We were always communicating. She was responsive to my questions, comments and concerns. As well as providing support, encouragement, and feedback from my workouts within a timely manner. Initially, working with her began as an attempt to get stronger that has transformed into a journey of self discovery.


Taipei, Taiwan

The importance of eating healthy and a balanced diet were gradually introduced me in a way that I found easy to implement for my lifestyle.

Olivia educated and influenced me through helping me to develop a positive mindset towards the changes and inspired me to make these changes for better well being.


I believe lots of women can benefit from her coaching. Not only just for training physical strength, but she also stresses the importance of a healthy mind. She understands the female needs in particular!

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