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I want you to get curious. Do these resonate with you?

You don't like to be told to slow down but you do know going a million miles an hour isn't serving you. You want to know how you can keep doing the things you're doing without burning yourself out.


You know you're stuck in cycles but you don't know how to get out.

How you feel in your body is affecting your confidence at work or other areas of your life.


You want a program that is invested in you as a whole, not just fitness.

You have epic things to contribute to the world. You know your body and mind are the foundation for doing epic stuff. You want them to work with you, not against you.

You're genuinely curious about your body, strength training and want conditioning that's not pointless? 


You're in the right place.

The Bold Collective is the only program that helps ambitious women get strong and redefine their health without the all-or-nothing mindset!

Can't freken wait to have you.
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- About me -

I’m Olivia and this is the home of Olivia Park Coaching, a community of like minded smart women who are ready to take charge and live bold lives.

Here you will find more information about me and how my customised coaching programs can help you achieve your goals. My blog is full of useful tips and advice for getting results and my inspiring community of women always have space for more like-minded souls.


So please, stay a while, look around, have a read and get in touch if you have any questions!


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San Diego, USA

... I've grown so much as an athlete and made significant improvements to my mindset and lifestyle...


New Zealand

...with your help and guidance, I've been able to make long-lasting changes in my life. I actually enjoy working out now. Imagine that!?


Minnesota, USA

Immediately, I knew why she was having me do what I was doing....


Taipei, Taiwan

Olivia educated and influenced me through helping me to develop a positive mindset towards the changes and inspired me to make these changes..


New York

Olivia has been instrumental in my fitness journey.  She helps me understand that fitness is holistic....



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