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Unpopular opinion: do what works for you isn’t always the solution.

Often what we believe works for us is a layered story that is construed from projections from social media, friends, family, work colleagues, social conditioning and expectations.

You can believe that you’re doing everything that's right for you and things still not work.

  • You’re eating avocados because they’re *good* for you, but you actually hate them.

  • You’re doing back squats because that’s what you think you’re supposed to do, but they kill your lower back.

  • You’re trying to meditate for 30 minutes every morning, but you feel like a failure every day because you never do it.

So, are you truly doing what works for you?

You’re told over and over ‘listen to your body’ and you feel like you’re doing it wrong if you can’t or you don’t know what it feels like.

You're fed up.

After years of following protocols from social media health coaches and influencers (the gut reset, the paleo diet, FODMAPs, F45, CrossFit, skinny tea (you hate that you went there, but …), you feel like you’ve done it all and all in the hope that you will finally find the answers for what feels best for you and a deeper understanding of your intuition and your body.

But it only left you even more confused about what it is that actually DOES feel good.

So, you decide to quit it all.

No more diets.

No more protocols.

No more resets.

No more programs.

You sign up to a 24 hour gym, decide you’re going to eat intuitively—then you’ll truly be doing what’s right for you.

You’re left to your own devices.

Your training looks like a mish mash with random workouts you pulled of You Tube and Instagram. You’re crushing yourself day in day out because you have no other mode. You’re walking in without a plan each day and making things up on the fly, leaving you feeling sweaty but unaccomplished. You get tired of making shit up. Tired of not progressing.

Is that really listening to your body? Doing what’s right for you?

You decide that intuitive eating is the way. But you find yourself still stuck in binge-restrict cycles, having no energy and wondering why this feels so hard when it’s supposed to be easy.

Is that really listening to your body? Doing what’s right for you?

There’s a lot in between dieting for years to learning the skill of intuitive eating.

Doing what’s right for you might be the antithesis of what you need.

Learning how to honour your hunger and fullness cues, unpacking your relationship with food, learning how to exercise in a way that moves you forward but also honours your body through day to day fluctuations—these are skills that need guidance and practice.

It is soul.

And it is strategy.

Understanding yourself, becoming an expert in yourself, is first being an advocate for yourself and asking for help.

Structure creates freedom.

It’s true. Through having a structure we create more headspace to dive into the deeper stuff.

You can continue to try and figure things out on your own, but without an objective perspective, a professional that sees and hears you, offers frameworks that make sense for you and truly sees and hears you, you’ll continue to flounder.

This is where taking an individualised approach to your health and fitness is how you can finally figure all this stuff out.

With a training program that is created with only you in mind, you can let the structure do the work for you, while you focus on the soul work and developing your skills of listening to your body.

As adults, we have to rediscover this stuff. And it takes work, it takes effort, but it’s worth it as opposed to another 20 years relying on external things to find the solutions for us.

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