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Women Are Not Small Men

👉🏻 Do not fear carbs! Our bodies work much differently than men's in that we use fat more efficiently. We generally need more carbs to help our bods perform the best. ‘Cause strength is lyyyfe!

👉🏻 Estrogen is not a bad thing! Because we have more of it we have lower testosterone than our male friends. Which means that we have ½ the upper body and ¾ of the lower body limit of muscle gaining potential than the fellas. What this translates to is: don’t be afraid of getting ‘bulky’ or looking like a lad from lifting weights. Cause. It. Just. Ain’t. Happening. (If it is you may well be eating in a calorie surplus, a few nutrition tweaks and you’ll be golden. Not that being in a surplus is bad! Cause that is when you really can build muscle!)

👉🏻Our endurance is better than the boys. We can generally endure longer and sustain higher volume of training with needing less rest. Our recovery is often better than the boys too. (But make sure you are eating enough and sleeping enough!)

👉🏻 Butttttt mayyybe our power output or more Type 11 muscle fibre work may be a little stunted. Men generally have more of them because of the more musculature that they have and slightly bigger hearts. This doesn’t mean we cannot be powerful! It can be trained!

👉🏻When we talk about metabolism the only reason we are different is because we are a lil smaller in our frames and have less overall muscle.

👉🏻 We do carry twice as much fat as men but have far less health implications. Point here: stop feeling bad about being a woman and how your body is biologically made.

👉🏻Women are just as strong as men, relatively. The only major difference in performance comes down to size of body, heart and total muscle volume. Your potential relative to your frame and health is limitless ( and not that much different from men of the same size).

👉🏻 There is still A LOT of science and research that needs to be done on female performance. Because of our complex bodies (hormonally) most research is done on men. Which is not terribly helpful for us at all! Things are slowly changing.

Don’t let your ideas of what being a woman are stop you from doing all the things. You are ALSO meant to lift heavy weights, do sprints, eat food. You are resilient, in fact more so than men. You deserve to be strong, well fed and healthy. You are not inferior physically WHATSOEVER. You are female. That’s it. But a badass female at that.

Get it, sistahs!

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