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What's standing in your way?

The thing is, it is never about the food or the exercise.

It is about your behaviours, habits, emotionality and history AROUND food and exercise.

With the women I work with, the true success comes when we really start to uncover the real issues that drive food and exercise 'issues'. Often it starts with setting up boundaries in relationships, with work, with stress, getting a good bedtime routine and reducing drinking. But each one of these things are attached to behaviours and patterns that require thoughtful rewiring to then tackle the bigger pieces of nutrition and training.

This requires patience and practice.

But it starts with the Body IQ assessment and a thorough initial assessment that all my clients go through when we begin. This allows us to deep dive into these things to create lifestyle strategies to work on alongside their nutrition and training.

Today I am asking YOU a big question: what is standing in your way of making change in whatever it is you are striving for? I guarantee it isn't that you don't know that getting exercise and eating veggies each day is good for you.

Consider this for a moment and think of three big-picture things that are standing in the way. Maybe it is taking too much on (saying yes to everyone - hello, boundaries), not being organised (procrastination), not enough sleep ...

Once you've identified these three big things pick one of them on work on this week. Come up with three tasks or behaviour changes to address this. Lack of sleep? Turn the lights down and screens off 30 mins before bed. Saying yes too much? Start saying yes to the things you REALLY want to do and be okay with saying no.

Fill in the worksheet and consider what would make the biggest impact for you RIGHT now.

What are your biggest barriers at the moment? I would love to know! Comment below and we can come up with some strategies together if you're feeling stuck!

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