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Imagine if your top ten played on repeat.⁣

Forever and ever.⁣ I mean, I can get down on multiple rewinds of Pony by Genuwine, but to show up on my playlist every day would be horrendous. ⁣ I don’t think you really want the hollywood ideal, the top ten.⁣ Those top ten songs wouldn’t be your karaoke go-tos without being balanced by the MMMBops of the world. ⁣ We get so confused and tangled trying to create balance. ⁣ But we need the hard stuff, the negative stuff to give our lives colour. ⁣ What’s truly wondrous is we don’t have to pretend that reality is anything other than what it is. We don’t have to pretend to be making top ten hits everyday.⁣ The stuff that’s hard and the stuff that's good, the stuff that’s working and not working can both exist in the same space at different frequencies and levels.⁣ You don’t need to fight for balance—just pay attention. Make a decision for the next step.⁣ When we’re connected to the full spectrum of all things in life, our body, our thoughts, our feelings—we can find deep satisfaction in the one hit wonders, the top tens of all time and the duds that make us wonder, ‘BUT WHAT IS LIFE?!’⁣ The setbacks, the frustrations, the challenges, the ‘I’m not good enoughs’ are all adding colour and diversity to this big ol’ life of yours. ⁣ Even MMMBop has some lyrical beauty to it.

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