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Each exercise starts and ends when you touch the weight. ⁣

In the video below I’m in there like swimwear just going ham.

☄️There’s no sense of awareness, set up, intention. ⁣ ☄️There’s no body awareness, proper bracing, consideration for squat stance.⁣ ☄️This urgency can lead to injury, halting of progress for not engaging in proper movement patterns.⁣ In the video below—there’s intention.⁣

I’m thinking about my set up from the moment I step under the bar:⁣ ✨Hand positioning on the bar and tightness in upper back.⁣ ✨Where the bar is sitting on my back.⁣ ✨Bracing and foot stance to lift the bar from the rack.⁣ ✨Intentional step back into squat stance position.Feeling connection with the ground (big toe, heel, outer foot working as a tripod to engage glutes, adductors).⁣ ✨I take a breath to expand my rib cage 360 degrees then set my ribs down to create a cylinder where they are stacked over my pelvis.⁣ Those couple of seconds longer spent setting up could be all the difference. ⁣

How you set up is important for safety—of course. But what does it say about how you approach your time in the gym and your why behind being there?⁣ It might be boring to talk about but it’s part of the bigger picture: purposeful training to live a more purposeful life.⁣ What you do in the gym matters.⁣ If you’re lacking purpose with your own training and know there’s more for you, the Bold Collective is just that. You train with intention then get out and live with intention. To learn about what you are truly capable of, to stop second guessing yourself, feel like an athlete in the gym but participate in life outside of the gym, go here to get on the waitlist for The Bold Collective. You can learn more about it here.

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