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You’ve been training for this.

Whether you know it or not, you have been training for this.

Physically, every rep you’ve done in the gym. 

Every training session you showed up to that you didn’t want to.

Every fibre of muscle in your body that’s become stronger, fitter, more dense.

This is what they mean by ‘getting stronger in the gym gets you stronger for life’.

You’ve built a physical base that is going to carry you through this time. When the time comes that you can return to the gym, things might feel different but it won’t take long for your strength to be where it was. 

And, don’t forget you have the opportunity to go back to the gym better than when you left.

Mentally, you’ve also been training for this.

The podcasts you've listened to.

The books you’ve read.

The growth mindset you’ve cultivated.

The challenges and adversity that came before this one have prepared you for this.

I mean, this is pretty fucking big. But if you’re reading this right now, you’re probably in a position where you can shift where you need to.

And just like everything you have done until this point has prepared you for this, right now. What you’re doing now is going to prepare you for the next thing. 

Our goals are forever moving. Whether that be a 1RM deadlift or getting through a pandemic, the bottom line stuff stays the same.

Your values.

Who you want to be.

And just like everything that came before, this is all part of the training for the next thing.

If you do want to feel like the time spent in quarantine was helpful and productive grab the limited time offer The Bold Collective: Out of Gym Edition. It’s a DIY training program that’s for you if you don’t need a tonne of coaching but someone to tell you what to do.

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