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Why training with intention is more important than ever.

Fact: The last few weeks have been like no other.

It’s been messy.


If you're like my clients and me your anxiety is high. Sleep is perturbed. 

The thing is we literally have no guarantees right now. None. We cannot guarantee we’ll be back in the gym in 4 weeks, 2 months, 6 months.

What we can bank on is what we do each day.

That’s it.

One day at a time.

But my question to you is this: if you were training with purpose two weeks ago and now it feels like a hodge podge—what now?

We’re starting to find a rhythm with the change. We’re settling into a new way of life. Is the novelty of doing 100 squats for time or doing workouts pulled from a random CrossFit gym in Norway wearing off?

Have you realised you’ve basically done sit ups, burpees and air squats for the last two weeks?

Is strength important to you?

You can return to the gym in a better position. During quarantine you can still be training with more purpose than just to sweat.

If you want to just sweat that is okay too! But if before all of this if your training was meaningful to you, it can still be this. When you’re ready, you can shift back into this. You can feel like your time spent in quarantine was productive and you’re not going to return to the gym at square one.

When you’re ready. You don’t have to do anything right now, except stay aligned with what’s important to you.

You can depend on your training to be that constant again in your life. Only the environment has changed. But it is the one thing that you can rely on each day to hold you when everything else feels uncertain.

If you’re ready to have this infrastructure in your life again, I am ready to move into it with you. The Bold Collective, my group training program, has a new friend: A DIY Out of Gym Edition. Same principles, same intention: a purposeful strength and conditioning program that stops you second guessing yourself so you can create space to think about the stuff that matters.

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