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Why Attendance is Low This Year

I’m not going to lie. Thank god for eyelash extensions – they’re making me look semi awake. I am exhausted.

So many discussions with clients this week about stress (how essential it is to manage for weight, sleep, thyroid issues, energy management, happiness and quality of life).

I’m always reminding them of the importance of taking care of themselves before others. More often than not I neglect to take my own advice. BUT I’m starting to truly see the effect that my overfull schedule & over caffeinated self has on my health and I’m working on ways to mitigate this (by either removing some of the stresses or ensuring there are enough things in my day that allow me to refill my energy stores.) And it is bloody hard. But trying to be a martyr is harder. (Reality. Ouch!)

However, as I work through this, as my clients are, I’m reminded daily of why it’s difficult to pull myself away from my work. Their wins are my inspiration.

Health and fitness means different things to different people.

This week for these queens and kings it has manifested itself in many ways. Here are just SOME of them:

  • Doing box step ups perfectly (from not a week ago)

  • Getting into a perfect squat for the first time.

  • Having more energy in the day from training (after 2 yrs off)

  • Not feeling achey and like an ‘old lady’

  • An ‘ah ha’ moment connecting mind to body on how to hinge properly

  • Impressing the doctor with perfect blood pressure markers

  • Going out to eat without guilt, without feelings of shame and anxiety

  • Declaring what they love about their bodies in a public forum (my FB group): ‘My back because it is muscular and I feel proud of the work I’ve done to make it that way.’

  • Almost sound shoulder range of motion after dedicated mobility and stability work

  • Committing to 10K steps a day & 3L water, crushed for 10 days straight

  • Diminished PMS symptoms

  • Waking up 5 min earlier to get in meditation

  • Not feeling like have to justify health choices to people that don’t ‘get it’

  • Looking deeper into self and ‘Processing shit for the first. time. Ever!’

  • Seeing obstacles as opportunities for growth and passing these lessons onto kids

What are your wins for the week?

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