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Why am I so motivated to get after it in the gym but so unmotivated at home? ⁣

Hi, me too. ⁣

I am a gym rat

A meathead

A gym bunny⁣

A fitness freak

But at home, meatheads can easily switch to potato heads.(Jks jks jks)

For many of my clients their 8am gym time was THEIR time. It was consistent, dependable, they could rely on it. But now it’s not there.

Now there’s children and other humans contend with.

The pull of wanting to do other things around the house.

The ol’ ‘I’ll do it later’ but then not actually doing it later.

You know you need to exercise for your own sanity—but why does it feel so hard?⁣

It feels like that part of you that you were always so sure of and could always count on as giving your consistency in your day is no longer holding you afloat.

Check out this video on how to get motivated at home.

This whole situation is forcing us to go inward. To question why we do what we do. We have to pull that essence out and apply it to our new environment.

I know for me, I move because it grounds me. Without it I feel scattered AF. I do it because I like to challenge myself, I like to overcome things, I love the beauty of movement, I love to work hard, I love the thought of getting a lil better each day (the ‘better’ spectrum is individual to you).

Having movement as your anchor is more important than ever. For your physical and mental wellbeing, yes, but also for structure and routine to CREATE space for you to deal with the mess.

Let it carry you, hold you afloat so you can create space.

Let it be a constant in your life in whatever environment you are in. It is only making you more antifragile, more robust, more resilient.

3 things to motivate you at home:⁣

👉Create zones for exercise, chill, eat, work, sleep.⁣

👉Commit to times and days to do your fitness and stick to it

👉Accountability— this is where reaching out for help is more important than ever. Get a coach, ask the humans in your house to help, do a zoom call with friends and do it together

❤️If you need to NOT be thinking about this right now, that is the kinda thinking I can do for you. Exercise is a small piece of this puzzle, systems and support are the base. Head to this link to register for more information on how I can support you in this time.

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