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What if?

What if we joined gyms and sought out coaches because we wanted to enhance the good health we already have rather than because we are in a state of pain (physically or mentally)?

What if as we get older health care costs didn’t increase because we prioritised the importance of strength training and mobility at a younger age?

What if we all understood that we could counter disease like osteoporosis and diabetes through lifting weights and getting 10K steps a day?

What if when most people think of exercise they don’t think of just jogging but understand there are a million ways to do it and there IS a way for each individual that will suit them?

What if exercise wasn’t seen as a drag or something that had to be done but something that we get to do?

What if people who over exercised understood that more is not better but better is better?

What if everyone knew that weight training can be individualised and modified for every single person and their needs and goals?

What if everyone knew that weight training is essential for balancing out hormones (testosterone, progesterone, estrogen) which when in balance can enhance quality of life?

What if we were not constantly bombarded with ‘end results’ (lose thirty pounds, get sexy toned abs by doing this, get beach body ready …) but learnt to enjoy the process of exercise?

What if we all learnt to see movement as a way to take time for ourselves and not feel guilty or shameful about that?

What if we could see that physically a lot can be done in 30 minutes – even 10 minutes – that can make a big difference. That we don’t need to do things a certain way because that is what we are told?

What if we didn’t think that we needed to do intense exercise because we need to punish ourselves?

What if health and fitness wasn’t about achieving a certain goal but it is about becoming a better human being?

What if we trusted ourselves, we listened to ourselves and found the modalities of movement that are right for US?

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