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Two questions you need to ask yourself.

Can I?

Will I? 

Your relationship to fitness—like any relationship—is not linear. 

No marriage or relationship is smooth sailing.

Your fitness probably isn’t smooth sailing right now with the CONVID-19 pandemic.

You’re being forced to look at your relationship with exercise and what it means to you. But you get to decide whether you’re willing to get into the muck and you work around the obstacles. 

Science says that you could be working at 40%of your 1RM to failure and you will retain muscle mass. Strength may feel a bit off once you return to the gym, but muscle memory doesn’t go away.

This brings us to a fork in the road: how do you want to spend the rest of your time in quarantine?

If you’ve discovered that your relationship with exercise is something you’re willing to get in the muck with, then ...

What CAN you do right now? Well, you can still train with intention and have it mean something. Cool. Now ...

What are you WILLING to do right now?

This is important. You might be in a place where you don’t want expectations. You’re not ready to move into having some structure, even if it’s flexible structure. You might be stuck in a place of able but not willing because things feel weird & messy. You may be in a place where you’ve had some time to work things out in your new home life and you're ready to bring intention back to your training.

So, are you willing to get into the muck of learning a new habit?

Working out at home IS a new habit. But if you’re trying to design your own fitness while figuring out this new habit, your willingness can easily be dismissed. It’s a lot.

Our lives are full of fear and uncertainty but your body is something that doesn’t have to be.

Your body is yours, it’s in your control. I know you may have fears around it changing, but like your fitness, relationships—it’s never linear. We meet ourselves where we are at.

And I am meeting you where you’re at with the Bold Collective: DIY Out of Gym Edition. I show you how and what you CAN do at home and you show up for yourself with what you WILL do at home. Click here if you’re ready to bring purpose back to your training so you can return to the gym with ease, not overwhelm.

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