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Time is not the reason why you’re struggling with your workouts right now.

Maybe it was before this malarky (the global pandemic).

But now it’s your lack of capacity.

You might have some more time (or not) with being at home, but it doesn’t mean that it’s any easier to do fitness. 

Your capacity is the limiting factor.

When you’re lying in bed and your heart is racing and you go through periods of being okay and then remembering what the state of the world is while trying to hold the people around you together—and yourself—your bandwidth is spread thin. 

You know how to do fitness in a gym. It makes sense there.

How it fits into your day and life.

A program or someone that tells you what to do.

It’s simple: if all else fails, do some leg press and some lat pull downs or some bicep curls and push ups (love the pump!)

But right now you have no fuggin idea what to do.

You don’t know how to fit fitness into your day at home.

You don’t know how to design fitness at home.

It’s not simple because doing air squats and burpees indefinitely doesn’t make sense.

You miss feeling strong. You miss the gym.

This is true: training at home can still mean something.

If you’re trying to design your own fitness at home but it’s meaning it’s stopping you from actually doing it—is it working?

If you’ve now got systems in place for managing quarantine life, there's more bandwidth to think about your fitness but not enough to figure it out on your own, you can ask for help.

There’s a reason there are professionals. You wouldn’t build your own house. You wouldn’t fix your own leaking tap. You would call professionals to do those things—same with fitness.

You’ve got bigger fish to fry. The Bold Collective: Out Of Gym Edition is designed to do the thinking for you whether you have none or a little equipment at home. You don’t have to worry about losing the progress you’ve made or wonder how hard the gym’s going to feel once you return. Go here to learn more.

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