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Sometimes I wish my superpower was rewriting the dictionary.⁣

Especially creating new words for the fitness industry.⁣ It’s hard to talk about things, using words that everyone can relate to, without them being contextualised (often not what is true to you but what you’ve been told they’re meant to mean) as soon as they’re uttered.⁣ Motivation.⁣ Consistency.⁣ Strong.⁣ Fit.⁣ Here’s a new perspective for consistency to add to the mix.⁣ If you’re stuck with your progress but you’re consistent with going to the gym, it’s probably not more intensity you need nor more volume.⁣ But a deeper level of consistency—deeper than just showing up.⁣ When you’re consistent at following a program that is progressive you overload on a micro, meso and macro level. You automatically progress your intensity and learn more about what your spectrum of hard VS easy is.⁣ This means you can better tap into the right intensity to get the adaptation you want. You modulate in and out of the black, white and grey zone.⁣ It’s not more volume you need.⁣ It’s consistency with the way in which you’re showing up to:⁣ 👉Create more intentional contractions (using tempo, self assessment, learning to autoregulate)⁣ 👉Move pain free (not just ‘pushing through’, knowing how to still train around pain)⁣ 👉Understand your spectrum of intensity (when to push, when to pull back, what that feels like for YOU)⁣ 👉Modulate your programming (to suit your life outside of the gym and recover properly to progress)⁣ Being consistent with the intention behind your effort inside the gym is what will stop you spinning your wheels.⁣ I’m not saying you have to do more, like you're not doing it right. It’s not that. You learn things in the order you’re meant to learn them. ⁣ I teach you a new meaning of consistency inside The Bold Collective. You learn these things bit by bit and develop your own understanding of the word. I teach you how to make a ruckus in the gym then get out get on with your life without wondering if you’ve done enough. Go here to get on the waitlist for The Bold Collective. You can learn more about it here.

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