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Learn How to Program Your Own Workout!

It is SO rad that there are more women interested in strength training. Women have more, and are seeking out more, knowledge on the importance of strength training for their health, how it can increase their confidence in themselves to live more fully and, if they do want to, change their body composition, strength training is the way to go!

This is epic.

More women lifting more weights is rad. But often what I hear from women is they’re in the gym consistently but not making progress. Something I often see also is women doing random exercises, searching You Tube for exercise or workouts when they get to the gym, and looking a little lost as to what to actually do.

This, my friends is where you MUST have a plan! Going into the gym without an intention or a plan can lead to a whole lot of time and effort without the results. When you do have a plan, you SAVE time and you see the results of your efforts.

And I’m here to tell you: it doesn’t need to be complicated! In fact, it’s pretty simple!

I’m going to share with you the way I program for my badass clients. Now, granted, everyone is different and everyone has different goals, bodies, history, injuries, etc, but this will give you a framework for how you can program more effectively for yourself.

Watch the video below to learn how you can create your own program. Have knowledge is key, but executing on that and actioning what you learn is where you grow. If you're still feeling stuck reach out and let's work out a plan for you together.

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