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It's Your Place, Too

I see you. 😟‘I have no idea what I’m doing.’ 😟‘What weight do I use?’ 😟‘What if I can’t lift the weight and drop it?’ 😟‘They’re going to think I’m such a rookie.’ 😟‘I AM such a rookie.’ 😟‘Maybe I’ll try tomorrow. I’ll just do 30 mins on the elliptical today.’ You know that weight training has a plethora of health benefits. You’ve seen your friends who do it, their body has completely changed. But it’s so intimidating!

I see you. You deserve to be in that space, too. The weights room isn’t reserved for ‘fit’ people. It’s for women, men, young, old, new lifters, experienced lifters … and you. Everyone feels intimidated when they first start. Heck, I remember being on the elliptical watching people in the weight room, trying to suss out what to do for months before venturing in. If you are brand new to resistance training machines certainly have their place, but learning to use free weights will give you many benefits: you’ll learn to understand your body more, get stronger, learn to stabilise and move properly globally. Free-weights starter guide:

🔸Spend some time observing. If you’re already at the gym and do cardio, use a machine where you can observe where things are and suss out the floor plan. 🔸Get a coach! Or sign up for a programme from a reputable coach who won’t throw you into the deep end but progress you slowly. 🔸Watch alllll the videos on Youtube. 🔸Start small. Get comfortable with the dumbbells and kettlebells before progressing to the barbell. 🔸Have an epic playlist to zone out to. 🔸You’re special, but remember that everyone is far too concerned with what they are doing, they’re not watching you, even though it may feel like it. 🔸Ask the instructors at the gym for help. Ask a lot of questions. 🔸Look over your programme the day before so you know what you need to do that day. 🔸Make friends with other women in the changing room who lift and ask them questions. You deserve to be there and have all the health benefits that weight training gives you. You deserve to live your boldest life by getting strong.

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