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If you’re chasing sweat in the gym, you need to read this.

It’s confusing AF when you have memes insinuating and straight up telling you that your sweat is a badge of honour. ⁣ 👉It makes you wonder if you worked hard enough in your workout because your sweat angel isn’t as good as Cassie’s.⁣ 👉You feel cheated if you don’t finish your workout dripping. What a waste of time.⁣

How much you sweat is literally your ability to sweat. It has nothing to do a workout being beneficial. ⁣ Sweat is to do with your genetics, your core temperature, how much hair you have on your body—there is not a single thing that correlates sweating with losing weight or changing your body.⁣ It’s your body’s ability to cool itself off—is vasodilation, dwag.⁣ What is a good workout? Being a little bit better than when you walked into the gym across a broad range of what ‘better’ could mean for you.⁣ On any given day it could be:⁣ ⚡️Performance: increasing load, volume, capacity, progressing with an exercise.⁣ ⚡️Feeling more energised⁣ ⚡️More mental clarity⁣ ⚡️Less stress⁣ ⚡️Proud⁣ It could be a PR on your bench press, it could be the integrity with which you moved, it could be feeling less pain.⁣ I love getting sweaty in the gym, but that’s correlated with working hard. Some days my hard work doesn’t make me sweat.⁣ If you feel jipped because you could get away with wearing the same shirt tomorrow, what does your ‘better’ actually mean? ⁣ Is your better is to be smaller? Or to fix?⁣ There’s so much more for you to chase than smaller. When you choose something different you get better every⚡️single⚡️time.⁣ At any given time you have the opportunity to choose your ‘better’ from a place of empowerment or disempowerment. You’ll probably still get sweaty, because that’s how your body works, but you can you detach from that as being ‘better’ by giving it a new meaning.⁣ Soooo, what’s it gonna be? What’s your better?!

Furthermore, if you want someone else to do the thinking for you so you can trust that you really are covering all your bases in a fun and effective way, learn about what you are truly capable of, stop second guessing yourself, feel like an athlete in the gym but participate in life outside of the gym, go here to get on the waitlist for The Bold Collective. You can learn more about it here.

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