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How to get into the mood to workout at home

I’m not talking sexy mood, but fitness mood.

Do this: Forget your warm up.

Right now what we thought we knew to be true has been turned on its head.

Conventions are null.

The rules don’t apply.

And this is true for workout warm ups.

If you have limited equipment at home meaning your load is lower than usual, different preparation is okay. Maybe you don’t need to go through mobility, movement prep, dynamic warm up exercises and warm up sets.

Maybe you do? You do you. But ...

If you’re out of the gym, equipment and load is less performance is most likely not the goal right now. Health, physical and mental health are priority. Maintenance mode is Queen.

So, this is your opportunity to choose movement that brings you joy to get you moving—let go of what you know. 

Feed your curiosities for interest as well as shifting you into the mood to do your workout at home.

  • Put on a song you love and dance—turn it up loud!

  • Play tag with your kids for 10mins

  • Find a quick yoga flow on the webz to go through (no shortage!)

  • Practice cartwheels, handstands and rolly pollys

  • Practice jump rope, if that’s new to you

  • Pull out your old Tae Bo DVDs and get after it for ten mins

What’s working for me right now jumping on mum’s ‘90s rebounder.

A client and I have incorporated juggling into her warm up— it’s a hobby she wanted to pick up again.

You can then go into some movement prep before your workout. But maybe it doesn’t have to look as structured as it might in the gym.

A, B, C can look like G, T, Z.

Look for opportunities to make this work for you. They’re there. There’s a beautiful gift of exploration available to you.

Let performance go for now. Shift into maintenance. Look for the opportunity of joy within your structure.

Head to this link to find a new rhythm in this time, a new normal. Go here to register for more information for The Bold Collective: outside of the gym edition.

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