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How's Your Deadlift?

If yours looks like the picture on the left did you know that everytime you deadlift like this you make me cry? I’m serious. See the tears? And see the smiles on the right?

So what’s going on here?

As much as we chat about keeping your back as straight as an arrow (neutral position) for the deadlift we need to be thinking about that for the neck and head, too. When you deadlift, essentially your body is in two pieces: your upper (hips to head) and lower (hips to toes). If you are starting your deadlift with your head cranking up (hyperextension) you’re breaking your midline therefore putting your back into a compromising position and losing power.

And we want power, right? More pazazz = more weights on ze bar = more adaptation! Yas phuleaasse.

Now, if you are an elite powerlifter a different discussion can be had but for the general population or recreational athlete that wants to look good and move well, keep it neutral, brothers and sisters!

So what to do instead?

In the set up, your eyes should be looking about 3m in front of ya. At the top you should be looking straight ahead. As your hips move, your eyes move.

Simple, eh?

Bonus hot tips:

Get your lats on! Ensure that your upper back is firing. Pretend that you’re squeezing lemons in your armpits – lemonade anyone?Instead of thinking of the deadlift as a pulling movement consider it a pushing movement. From the start, think about pushing away from the ground in order to activate your legs as much as possible rather than relying on your back to pull the bar up. Push into the ground, rather than pull away from the ground .At the top, shoulders, hips and knees should be in line. Keep those ribs tucked down!If you’re not feeling some tension in your hammies in the setup position, check your knees are not too far forward, push ‘em back a bit and get your shins vertical.

Deadlifts. Good for the booty. Good for the soul. Get ‘em, frands!

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