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Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Through my 15+ years of lifting and weight room experience - from the YMCA to CrossFit gyms, from 24 hour fitness gyms to Olympic weightlifting facilities, from garage gyms to outdoor gyms - I have built the confidence to try just about any exercise with any set up without giving a hoot about what it looks like or who might be watching.

But that wasn’t always the case.

And that doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes get a little nervous when I go into a new facility for the first time or while travelling when I’m unfamiliar with the territory.

I have hands down felt allll those feels: fear of being judged, that people are watching me, are thinking I look like an idiot, can see my butt through my tights, are judging if I’m moving correctly or not.

That’s where you come in. I want you to have this ability to go into any gym, to be on your own no matter what gear they have, what gear YOU have, who you’re with or who’s there.

I want you to have fun and freedom no matter where you are.

Yes. I said ‘fun’ because it is IS fun to be in your own zone in the gym. To truly trust yourself and just be there with yourself FOR yourself.

My gym time is absolutely sacred to me. And I know it’s sacred to many of you here, too. And I know it is a place that you WANT to be sacred to you.

When you can let go of the fear (because that’s what it is if you don't know), you open up doors you can’t imagine.

You’re more focussed on what you’re doing.You’re focussed on why you’re there.Your focussed on how your body feels, how your muscles are working and you become more playful.You become more willing to try new set ups and grips that you may have seen before and to change things on the fly if something isn’t available.You’ll in turn get better results and be more satisfied with your training.

Because you now have more autonomy over what you’re doing and why.

It’s meaningful to you.

But the first step with all of this is trust in yourself, trust in the process, trust in the program and that you can overcome fear and do the hard things.

Secondly, everyone else is too busy worrying about themselves to think about you (I know you’re rad, but you’re not that rad to those random people!).

So, if you feel a little nervous about being in the gym sometimes if I’ve given you a new exercise or training block to do, you’re travelling and in a different facility, or you’re still relatively new to training or maybe you are in the gym on your own when we usually train face to face, I am giving you full-blown permission to TRUST YOSELF!

Have my voice in your head:

  • "Start with the set up. You know what you’re doing and you can easily figure it out.’‘

  • "No one is watching you and if they are it actually matters -100% (NB the negative!). And they may well learn a thing or two from you!"

  • "Enjoy the process. You're facing your fears, you’re doing the thing and you’re going to reap the benefits of that."

  • "You’re not an idiot, you’re not stupid. You do know what you’re doing. But you don’t need to know it all."

  • "You’re getting better today. Your soul and your body will thank you for that!"

  • "You’re killing it!"

Now get in there and do your thannng! You’ll likely surprise yourself.

And if you come up against any rougheys, tell ‘em Olivia sent ya.

If you want to be in the gym getting strong but feel the feels of doing so, sister, I gotchu. Follow a solid, progressive program that tells you exactly what to do and most importantly WHY. If you want to get strong to live a bold life get ya name on the waitlist for the next opening of The Boldness Project here.

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