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Yesterday was my 35th year orbiting the sun.⁣

Edward used to always say ‘we’re all just specks of dust.’ I could never understand it. It’s like, okay yes, but I am a human and things are hard.⁣ What I know to be true is we’re made of particles and we do exist in this universe but we’re also humans having a human experience. And in MY human experience the one thing I know for certain in my mission as a womxn’s health and performance coach is I’m here to help humans redefine health on their terms so they stop second guessing themselves inside the gym and fully participate in life outside.⁣ Fitness isn’t just fitness. It’s deeper. It’s a vessel for freedom. It’s part of the bigger piece of health which is flourishing in all aspects of life.⁣ If this feels weird to you or a little too deep, that’s okay. What you’re told to desire from the fitness industry are surface level things: strong, fit, flexible, mobile, look good, feel good.⁣ It’s a blur of social and cultural hobgobble that for most people doesn’t even make sense for their lives—but they're told it must because the goal is to be smaller. ⁣ Your freedom through health comes from many different things:⁣ Forgiveness, compassion for yourself and others, honesty, acceptance of what is.⁣ The acknowledgment of obvious fear mongering, patriarchal ideals and fat phobia that have made what ‘fitness’ is today.⁣ Having space to process your own biases then filter shit out and take on what’s true for your life. ⁣ Education and mindfulness go hand in hand to detach then understand the emotionality we have with our body, food and fitness.⁣ Recognise your own triggers not as an attack on you but as a spark to get curious about what you’re not taking responsibility for in your life. ⁣

This 35 year old body of particles is here to speak through it’s value system to help those find their own and discover what the deeper meaning of fitness and health is for them. ⁣ When you do, you impact the world on a minute & major scale just by being you. We cannot change people, we can only determine things for ourselves, which has a massive ripple effect.⁣ Here for it.

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