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What you will not see from me during CONVID 19

At-home workouts.

What you will see?

How I program for working out at home and provide infrastructure that is all encompassing—

Training that:

Modulates over the week and fits into a bigger picture.

Infrastructure that includes:






Lifestyle management

I am a human project manager disguised as a coach.

Training is the smallest piece of the puzzle right now.

If you’re used to training in a gym 3-5 days a week, you can still emulate that at home. Ad-hock home workouts may be serving a purpose while things settle, but eventually a path, a foundation, something to lean on for structure is going to be the shining light forward.

This could be 6 weeks, 8 weeks—

Look to what you know and what is familiar to you to give you clarity.

There’s a bunch of challenges, free workouts and ebooks out there. But is this helping you or adding to the clutter? You don’t HAVE to be doing a bunch of virtual classes because they’re there.

What you need is a plan to move with you so you can focus on the stuff that you need to. You need to know if a workout is bettering you or wasting your time. Is it really another 100 burpee challenge you need? Or is it some purposeful strength training (yes, entirely possible at home) or a walk in the sunshine?

Having someone in your corner right now is like a lighthouse for navigating towards a strong body and strong mind.

My clients have a plan. It’s simple—but they’re not scrambling. They know I have their back whatever the circumstance.

You don’t need to press pause on everything right now (but maybe you do —you have options) but you don’t need to give up the things that give you direction, clarity and align with who you want to be. 

Whether you’re ready for that infrastructure now, or not, I’m here to move with you and help you not waste your time so you can realign with what you know makes you better.

The Bold Collective: out of gym edition is open. Head to the link here if you're ready to have that infrastructure.

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