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NEWSFLASH: your goal doesn’t have to be creating a smaller body.

You can want to eat to thrive.

You can want to eat enough so you can manage the stress of life and function optimally.

You don’t have to have all of your efforts go towards chasing a smaller body.

If you want to, fine. But know the option is there: YOU DON’T HAVE TO.

The possibility of this being true often isn’t thought of as a possibility because it’s not talked about enough.

I was reading an article by a well-known strength coach in the industry. It was a decent article busting common female fitness myths. There were solid recommendations.

But the undertone of the whole article was fat loss. It’s this constant back and forth of ‘train to feel empowered’ but then watered down with ‘building your dream body’.

I am not against wanting to change your body. Not at all. I want to make that very clear.

What I am against is the assumption that that is always the desire. There’s a blanket monolith around women and fitness: that we should all want the same things. This perpetuates the spectrum of what we are told our goals should be:

Feeling bad about caring about how we look because we’re going against the whole female empowerment thing.


Everything needs to be directed towards making our body smaller.

But what if we began to entertain the idea that there are different options:

  • It doesn’t need to be about building lean muscle

  • Eating protein to stay lean

  • Lifting to change your physique

What if we considered:

  • Building a solid physical and mental foundation in the gym

  • Eating enough food for what is required for you to function in life

  • Lifting to help you feel fired up to go into the world and contribute in the way you want to

Nutrition and fitness have no boundaries in women’s lives.

Even though it’s still confusing as hell it’s constantly evolving, this conversation.

Within this constant revolution one thing remains true: YOUR curiosity with your own body and the possibility for something new.

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