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How to come out of the pandemic ahead of the game.

Start creating a plan now for how this ‘less is more’ situation can permeate into your life once the world opens up again. 

Before COVID-19 you were aware of ‘less is more’ with regards to exercise but you didn’t know how that could be true for you because your body was bound to go backwards if you did anything less.

This is your time to begin to trust that this COULD be true for you.

One of my clients recently said to me she’s starting to believe.

When we started working together she was training 6 days p/wk. She was frustrated, exhausted and her body was fighting against her. 

Now, she trains 3 days p/wk. Is stronger than ever, has more time and most of all trusts herself more.

What can you get away with to provide the maximum adaptation for least amount of work? 

You can train in a way that is honourable to your body. You don’t have to slam it every day with all the huffy puffy and all the weights because more is better.

You can train in a way that has just the right amount of intensity to keep you fit, to keep you strong and not burn you out. 

This is your time to try this. Right now, at home. So when you go back to the gym you’ve developed self trust to make that shift.

You do have this opportunity to reassess the role exercise has in your life. Was what you were doing before COVID-19 working for you?

There’s a million different programs out there. Knowing what's best for you is a shit show. There’s two things to consider: 

  1. The physiological answer is based on strength and conditioning principles.

  2. The second answer is to do with your humanness: who are you, what do you like, what is your life like and what do you want it to BE like?

The Bold Collective: Out of Gym Edition is based on principles but rooted in flexibility for your life as a human. It teaches you how to train with intention and intensity (the right amount) so you make strides forward while looking after yourself in the process. Go to the link here if you want to be ahead of the game before the end of this pandemic.

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