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Getting to know yourself can be a very sweet, tender thing—If you let it. ⁣

It doesn’t have to be a ball and chain situation.⁣ But exercise and nutrition often feels like this.⁣ Battling with your mind and your body everyday: what should you do vs what you want to do. Furthermore, not actually having any idea what you want to do because WFT is listening to your body?!⁣ ⚡️Education is so important in my coaching because it allows clients to experiment with what they learn as fact and their own experiences. ⁣ They learn the fundamentals of program design and training, nutrition, lifestyle protocols and their core desires. But it’s constant trial and error to figure out what’s most sticky for their lives.⁣ This is how you create a healthy lifestyle. This constant application of testing, assessing feedback and applying something new or doing it again.⁣ I really hate to use the phrase ‘healthy lifestyle’ but it’s all encompassing right? I mean, this is what we’re talking about when we think about balance: ⁣ 🏋️‍♀️Training in a way that you progress, get stronger, get fitter, be more mobile, be pain free⁣ 🥞Eating in a way that honours your hunger and appetite, to enjoy food with no strings attached but fuel your function in life⁣ 🌍To have self efficacy and space to be thinking about and contributing to the stuff that’s important to you⁣ Figuring out how to live a healthy lifestyle shouldn't be a part time job. When you open up the possibility of trying something different you learn something new.⁣ It’s a constant stream of input and output. The frustration comes when the output is not what you expected. But that’s not a failure. It’s information. It’s just … interesting.⁣ You’re interesting.⁣ You know more. You have more intel. You do better next time.⁣ What’s something you’re figuring out right now?

To learn about what you are truly capable of, to stop second guessing yourself, feel like an athlete in the gym but participate in life outside of the gym, go here to get on the waitlist for The Bold Collective. You can learn more about it here.

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