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How to make progress even if you don’t have equipment at home.

Whether you are on holiday with limited or no gym access or are out of the gym due to injury, schedule or in ability to get there, this post was written during the COVID-19 pandemic but is relevant to any time out of the gym.

Before we go into practical stuff, shift your mindset. 

Are you still holding onto what things were 2-3 weeks ago or when you were in the gym?

Here’s what we can rely on:

We don’t know when we will be back in the gym.

That’s it. 

While we’re still figuring all of this out, what it means as well as some routine to our lives at home, you can still depend on your fitness to be a lighthouse that guides you.

It can still be a thing that is dependable, a reliable manifestation of what you value.

So on that: what is it that you value? I mean, why do you do this? Why do you exercise? What is it that it makes you feel?

There’s more to you than strong, fit, healthy. These things are wrapped in a beautiful layer of something deeper. Maybe it’s freedom in your body and in your mind.

Understanding what that bigger encompassing thing is can help you shift a little easier into something new that still exhibits the same thing.

Getting a stronger deadlift -> strength -> freedom physically

Being malleable with your training -> consistency -> freedom mentally

 If underneath goals like fitness, strength, body composition is actually the true desire to feel well, to feel healthy, to feel accomplished, to uphold truth and honesty with yourself—use that system to help you take the next best step. 

Decision making from this place is you genuinely caring for yourself.

Decision making coming from a place of ‘I should’ is getting mixed up in what might not be true for you.

Once you come back to that deeper meaning you can relayer the surface things, like strength and performance. 

Swap your strict press absolute strength goals for a pike push up and then into a handstand push up goal.

Swap your back squat absolute strength goal for a pistol goal.

Here's some progressions for the pike push up!

The bottom line remains the same, but the manifestation of that can change.

If you’re ready to keep working towards those things you enjoy, the Bold Collective: DIY Out of Gym Edition is available for you. Click the link in bio to learn about how you can return to the gym feeling pumped about your progress rather than fearing what you’ve lost.

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