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Your fear of losing your fitness gains are valid

It seems trivial to talk about your fitness right now—but it’s still something that can be coming up for you, amongst everything else.

It’s valid.

I’m a meathead, and for me the possibility of not being able to go to my second home (the gym) feels a bit alarming.

It’s okay to feel anxious about this.

Firstly, shift your priorities. If you’re working with limited equipment you won’t be getting massive strength gains but you can pivot to focus on maintenance. Also, consider working on something new at this time.

Goals could be:

  • Getting a handstand

  • Doing the splits

  • Getting a shrimp squat

  • Prioritise mobility for things that have been feeling funky

  • Set a goal to complete that mobility routine each day that you’ve alwwwways said you’d do but don’t

  • Improving your running technique and capacity—you can still fitnazzz outside

Secondly, a lot of at-home workouts are more high intensity focussed, so what about ze strength gains?

Some options to increase intensity that don’t include burpees:

  • Utilise tempo: Do slow eccentrics to add more time under tension, e.g for a split squat use a 3120 tempo.

  • Do pulses or 1 1/4 reps: Use this for squats, hinges, bridges, push ups.

  • Use external load: no weights, no problem. Fill a backpack with whatever you got or use big water jugs. You could also order a couple of bands online even a set of DBs or a KB. Use socks or a small towel to act as sliders on a slippery surface, like lino.

  • Use exhaustive sets or work to failure on final sets: Complete 2-3 sets of an exercise with a slow tempo or external load, on the last set do as many reps as you can until failure.

How can you see this as a challenge to overcome and an opportunity to work on something different, rather than something that feels stressful and overwhelming?

The fitness and strength you have up until this point will not disappear. Things might just look different for a little bit—tis okay!

Tell me: what’s a fitness goal you can work on that doesn’t require being in the gym?

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