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3 mistakes to avoid burnout at the gym⁣

I remember questioning whether I’d ever be able to let go of the need to sweat or freaking out about holidaying in places without a gym.⁣ It started to recognise that my worth was me as a human, not how hard I worked in the gym to control things.⁣ To realise this, I had to become aware of what I was doing and decide to do something different.⁣ 1. Quit poisoning the opportunity that ‘what if’ creates by finishing it with disbelief. ‘What if ...’ is powerful but in that instant you choose to make it disempowering or empowering.⁣ ‘What if I gain weight by shortening my time in the gym?’➡️‘What if I make time for other things by shortening my time in the gym?’⁣ Even if you don’t believe something to be true, yet, it starts with what you’re telling yourself. By repeating the same things and finishing ‘What if’ with *insert how you will fail here* you will continue to believe that.⁣ This is hard when you genuinely believe you can’t do something. Start with opening up the possibility for something that COULD be true.⁣ 2. Quit delaying. When I decided enough was enough I set goals for myself to start painting and singing lessons in place of exercise. It was too much. Change needs different but it only needs to be 1%. To begin to believe a different ‘what if …’ statement you need some action to back it up. That’s your 1%. That’s you:⁣ 1. Sleeping in instead of going to the gym⁣ 2. Not making up for training you missed on rest days⁣ 3. Listen to the pain in your shoulder instead of pushing through⁣ This is how you develop self trust, keep making one percenters, assess the evidence you survived then do it again.⁣ 3. Quit thinking you’re alone. That I’m writing this post is a reminder of that. Many humans have felt like you have. There’s also many humans who’ve made exercise mean something different for them: this is possible for you, too. Your experience is your own, but your circumstance is similar to others.⁣

Coming from the girl who was literally obsessed, this is possible for you. Start with your ‘what if’s and take 1% from there.

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