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The Grit and Grace is the only program that helps active women get strong and get fit on their terms.

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I created Grit and Grace from getting enquiries from women who want guidance with their training from someone they trust, and wanted to be part of a community rather than 1:1.  So, I got thinking: what if I could create a collective of women that are on a similar path? And just like that Grit and Grace was created.

It’s a strength and conditioning training plan that’s progressive, takes the stress out of thinking about what to do, educates you on why you’re doing what you’re doing and teaches you how to level up your mindset, nutrition and lifestyle to support your efforts in the gym, so that you're finally taking charge rather than trying to control.

It gives you the structure and framework of a solid program but you have options so it is moving with you, not you with it.

It’s not just a PDF that’s emailed to you and you’re sent on your way.

Access to the Grit and Grace Facebook group where all the coaching happens. This is your community. This is where you know you’ll always feel supported, you’ll be with other like-minded women and get form checks and feedback.


Education on the intention behind your programming so that you know what you’re doing is all part of the bigger picture. You will always know why you’re doing what you’re doing from a breakdown of each new training block as well as daily training notes and a bunch of extra resources to help your training.


Further education on training, mindset and how to step into your OWN definition of health through the Facebook group and exclusive webinars with other health, wellness and fitness professionals so you can continue to expand your knowledge in all areas of health.


Programming delivered True Coach, an easy-to-use app where you can record all your results and have access to a full video library and training notes so that you can walk into the gym with complete confidence in what you’re doing, get your workout done and get on with life.


If you're out of the gym due to COVID, no problem! You have full access to Grit and Grace Home. You have options for no equipment or some. It's the same solid programming and will have you still making progress even without a gym.

If you know your way around a gym, want a solid program to follow and a sprinkling of support, this is for you.

Are you ready to get strong, build self trust, feel athletic but it not feel like a part-time job?

Amanda, Minnesota

"Although Olivia wasn't physically with me at the gym, she was there; even when I was halfway across the world. We're always communicating. She was responsive to my questions, comment and concerns. As well as providing support, encouragement, and feedback from my workouts within a timely manner. Initially, working with her began as an attempt to get stronger that has transformed into a journey of self discovery."

How it works

  • Grit and Grace is a monthly membership program. There is a 4 month minimum commitment then you can decide to continue or cancel. The programming builds in blocks and phases over 12 months—you'll definitely want to stick around!

  • There are 4 days of strength training with shorter conditioning and 1 optional longer conditioning day. Everything is intentional whereby each day is a piece of the weekly, monthly, training block puzzle so you always know why you’re doing what you’re doing.

  • Get daily training notes and options so you have autonomy over your training.

  • Work within a range of energy systems to develop your aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

  • Get stronger through different bodybuilding, powerlifting protocols and CrossFit methodologies.

  • Do warm ups that are useful and cool downs that are helpful.

  • Be part of a community so that you can feel supported.

  • Unlock mindset barriers and develop self trust in your body so you can move, think, act, BE the person you want to be.

  • Have a coach that is focussed helping your training fit your life, so it’s not something you feel you have to do. 

Grit and Grace is right for you if ...

  • You’re sick of wondering if you’ve done enough or not enough exercise and often wonder if you’re on the edge of burnout. You want to experience more than just exhaustion from your workouts.

  • Life is busy outside of the gym. You’d kinda like the headspace that’s taken up thinking about training and your body to focus on bigger stuff.

  • You’re pretty happy training on your own—you like the ‘me’ time—but you’re also keen to be part of a community.

  • You want to accept your body. You *get* body acceptance but wonder if you’ll ever get to a place where you feel comfortable in your skin.

  • You feel like you should just know what to do—you’re been a regular gym goer for ages—but you’re ready for accountability and guidance, someone else to do the thinking for you. But you don’t know who to trust—you're weary of the online fitness space.

  • You want a coach that sees you as a human and gives you options.

  • You want to be an active participant in your life. You're sick of being in the back seat and you want to take charge.

  • You’re interested in training in a way that honours your body, but you like to train hard—you wonder

  • how the two can exist without it being all or nothing.

  • You feel behind if you have to skip a day at the gym. You don’t know what to do if you can’t get to the gym or how to keep progressing when stuff comes up (travel, sickness, LIFE!).

So you can redefine your own health and ditch the all or nothing mindset! 

What you'll experience

What you get out of the program is directly related to how much you’re willing to put in. Personal responsibility is one of my key values.


If you’re consistent and committed you WILL see epic results.​​

  • The know-how for when to push and when to pull back with your training so that you can explore everything that is in-between all and nothing.

  • A deeper understanding of fundamental training techniques so that you can deepen your knowledge of your body and exercise

  • Better resilience and confidence so that you can make big waves out of the gym.

  • How fitness can mean something different in your life, not just a means to an ends..

  • The ability to move well and perform exercises without fear of hurting yourself or doing them incorrectly.

  • A stronger body. Period.

  • To move away from an all or nothing mindset; Friday–Sunday look the same as Monday–Tuesday.

Grit and Grace is for women who ...

I'm looking for resourceful women who want to feel more than just exhaustion from their workouts.

It's also for you if ...

  • You're already committed to yourself but want a plan to follow.

  • You've had experience in the gym using weights. You know your way around the gym.

  • You're prepared to take responsibility for yourself and your actions.

  • You're ready to challenge yourself—in a good way!

Grit and Grace is probs not for those who ...

  • Aren't prepared to commit to the process but know that the process isn't linear.

  • Aren't willing to be curious and ask questions.

  • Aren't willing to trust in something new and want to build their own self trust.

  • Are sitting on the fence about this program. You're all in or all out.

Here’s why you need to get inside Grit and Grace today ...

You can continue to figure it out on your own and be in the same place, feeling stressed about the same things in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months.


You can also continue to use a free online program or random workouts pulled from Instagram or CrossFit gyms on the other side of the world.


But are these things working for you?


I know what you're thinking:


‘I should be able to do this on my own.’


How's that working out for you?


If it was going to work, it would have worked by now.


There’s something to be said for putting yourself on the hook. 


When you do, you level up.


It takes guts. It takes bravery. It takes courage.


The confidence you’re hoping to find from the effort you put into the gym, to feel at home in your body, to finally have more headspace—this comes from first being brave ...

... being brave to do something different.


To take the first step.


Is the extra headspace worth the investment?


Are you worth the investment?!


I'd argue yes, but that's for you to decide.


Grit and Grace is a quarter of the price of 1:1 coaching with the same quality coaching, programming that works and a community that’s got your back.


Enrolment to Grit and Grace is only open a few times a year and there’s only 10 spaces each time because quality over quantity always. This is the most affordable the program will ever be, so take advantage of this now.

"I also love that she emphasizes education. She gives a lot of information about why she is asking me to do or try something. This information has helped me stick to things like tracking my macros, for example. Olivia is all about empowering WOMEN and I love that she is only focused on women and women's health. She is really willing to work WITH me and I feel like my interactions with her are very personal. As a result of our work together, I have been inspired to take all aspects of my health more seriously, not just the physical/exercise component. I am starting to understand how all the parts of my life integrate and influence each other (stress, sleep, nutrition). I am becoming more comfortable with who I am and appreciating what is RIGHT with me rather than feeling like I am in deficit mode all the time."


Carrie, Taipei

"I was weak and felt tired easily physically and mentally before I worked with her. The results are amazing. I have never felt stronger or healthier ... I always share with my friends that Olivia changes my life mentally and physically. She makes me realize you can gain your energy not just through weight training but also with right attitude through lifestyle and right information about food and supplements. ...She puts extra effort to make sure each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! It's hard to ignore her passion toward fitness and caring for her clients."


Becky, Taipei

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