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A strength and conditioning program for active women who want to feel athletic without living in the gym.

Stop feeling like you have to live in the gym just to get ahead. Experience a training program that doesn't leave you feeling wrecked but gets you stronger and fitter through the right amount of intensity so you can stop second guessing yourself and start having fun in the gym again.


Does this sound familiar?

You’re tired of working so hard in the gym but feeling like you don’t have a lot to show for it. You know there must be a different way to train without it feeling like a part-time job but you don’t know what that could look like.


You know you should probably pull back from training on days when you’ve had 5 hours sleep but you don’t know how to find a middle ground between crushing yourself or doing nothing at all.


You wonder why you’re not getting stronger even though you’re training consistently—you’re really committed!


You wonder why you still hate your body even though you work so hard in the gym and feel like you’re doing everything right.


You could probably put together your own workouts but you’re not sure if you’re doing too much or not enough—and frankly you just don't want to do the thinking, you're interested in the doing.




If you’re ​not​ nodding your head to any of these, I’m guessing you're interested in a different strategy to what you're doing now.

That’s why you’re here right?

I’m willing to bet you’re doing all the things you’re supposed to do. 

You’ve been training consistently for a while but not seeing progress. You spend time reading articles online about training and nutrition but feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there and don’t know who to trust or what to do.


How would your workouts be different if you could ...

  • Be confident when you walk into the gym because you know exactly what the intention is of your workout. You know how to push or pull back depending on how you feel.

  • Trust that on days when you pull back you’re not going to lose your gains or gain a dress size.

  • Be the inspiration to other women in the gym because of the way you lift and the ease and confidence you have in what you’re doing.

  • Know you’re doing the stuff you need to do but hate to do. (Like mobility, you need some accountability).

  • Have a supportive coach that encourages autonomy by offering options for what you need because your life is busy, you need options.

  • Feel and be athletic without exhausted.

  • Have a training program that was flexible so you can stop feeling like you failed if you skip a day.

  • Have customised feedback so that you can improve your performance.

  • Have more headspace to think about other things rather than your body and what you're going to do in the gym that day.


Here's how Grit and Grace is different to other lifting programs

You can trust that you’ll have a solid understanding of how strength training and conditioning can complement one another in a way that’s going to leave you feeling energised, not exhausted, feel confident walking out of the gym knowing you’ve done enough and create headspace to focus on the bigger picture stuff that brings you joy in life—not wondering if you should have done an extra set or more reps.

You’ll be able to finally ‘trust in the process’ because the programming has got all your bases covered so you can stop second guessing yourself and how you spend the time in the gym. Finally you have a program to follow that gives you guidance but also flexibility and autonomy over your training.

You'll learn how to ...

  • Modulate your training so you can still exercise if you’ve had less than optimal sleep, you’re short on time, PMS is raging so that it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.


  • Be part of a supportive community of women who get it. You share a love for exercise but yoga probably bores you.


  • You’ll take charge of your training, body and life, rather than trying to control your body so that you’ll always be able to make the best decisions based on how you’re feeling each day. You know how to modify your training where you need.


  • Move from frustration to trust and finally be able to understand what it means to listen to your body.


  • Move away from all or nothing, high intensity everything or just yoga. There’s a lot in between. You’ll learn how to train in a way that modulates in intensity to increase your performance in strength and conditioning but honours your body in the process.


  • You’ll be educated on how to still progress even if you have to skip sessions, take time off, or run out of time.


  • See your daily, weekly, monthly training as part of the bigger picture; you'll know WHY you're doing what you're doing.


  • You’ll create more headspace to focus on the stuff outside of the gym that’s important to you rather than precious mental real estate being taken up obsessing about your body.


  • Make gains but have fun in the process. 

This is why women are struggling.

Women are feeling frustrated because nothing seems to be working.


Women are feeling like there must be more to all of this. They know that things can be different but they don’t know how to change things or find what works for them.


Too much time is spent doing things you’re told you should be doing and that everything about fitness either performance or aesthetics. But there is a more to it than that.


Working out helps you build life skills, helps you thrive. It's not just a means to an end to control your weight or shrink.

Having a solid, progressive training plan with accountability are the critical missing links.

I'm pumped to welcome you to ...

Grit & Grace Vertical Dark Blue.png

I, like you, love to workout. I love to work hard, see progress, get sweaty and breathe hard. But after years and years of anything less than this I reached a point where I couldn’t do it anymore. I was obsessed with exercise and my body and believed more was better.


Until I realised better is better.


After years as a competitive athlete from competing in bodybuilding to earning the title of the CrossFit’s Fittest Woman in Taiwan there have been many dark days figuring out what is best for me and my body: knowing I was doing too much, but also petrified to do anything less because of how my body could change—would I look less fit if I did less? 


I lived under the guise of ‘health’ and ‘performance’ but was obsessed with keeping my body in check. It was exhausting. I wanted to be able to listen to my body but I didn’t know how to actually do that.

Until I learned to train smarter. I learnt that intention is everything and sweat does not mean a workout was good. I learnt that there was a lot between 0—100% and the messy middle is a productive place to be.

Through my own experiences and the hundreds of women I’ve worked with this is what I know to be true: life is like training and training is like life. 


It’s grit and it’s grace.

Betterment in the gym doesn’t end. Neither does betterment in life. The Mirrian-webster dictionary defines grit as ‘firmness of character; indomitable spirit.’ This is what we build in the gym to live in out of the gym. 

But this doesn’t come without grace: a state of being that is considerate, thoughtful and honorable. This is acceptance, self compassion and building 

self trust.

We need them both. 

I developed this program because we are multifaceted humans. 

We are grit and grace. 

We work OUT and Work IN.

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