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Tight End Teller Won't Be the Same Next Year

In my last post I talked about goals, more specifically making vanilla goals double chocolate fudge cookie dough caramel goals.📷📷

Now, to reach goals we need … consistency, right? You know this. But in order to have consistency we need to set ourselves parameters or boundaries for the things we will let slide and the things we won’t to stay on our course.

So, say one of your goals is to prioritise your health by getting to the gym three times a week. Where are you going to draw the line with this? What is your end range with what you will tolerate before your consistency wanes? Are you starting to schedule meetings in again in your gym time? How many times will that happen before the feelings of stress and anxiety arise again from feeling like you’re falling short.

Stay ready. Stay within your boundaries so you don’t have to keep getting ready over and over again.

The pain of not doing something is worse than taking the action to do the thing.

Let’s look at balancing a body composition goal with a social life. Where do you draw the line? Drinking one or two glasses of wine two nights nights a week? Has that two become four again? Remember what it feels like to be within those parameters? Remember: YOU are the one setting (or not setting) your boundaries, you are in control.

Yes, life happens and things are always going to get in the way. But the thing is that things are ALWAYS going to get in the way. There is never going to be perfect timing for anything.

Imperfect action trumps doing nothing and letting it all slide away.


If you are starting to feel yourself slip into old habits or behaviour that is not conducive to who you want to be it’s time to reconfigure and come back to what your true intention is. It is time come back home to you.

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