• olivia park

Dedication to fitness is admirable, but I'd argue this is moreso ...

As a society we give props to being really dedicated to fitness. To be relentless in the pursuit of it, to be so ‘good’ with our diet, to go to the gym at 5am every morning, to work so damn hard.

To onlookers it’s certainly admirable. Maybe sometimes it’s envious to be so dedicated.

But here’s what I think is truly admirable:

Loving the gym, loving working out being excited about it and giving zero hoots to how it pertains to your aesthetics.

I think there’s like an unwritten language with gym goers. ‘ Oh, hey, hi, you're here to change your body? Me too!’

Except, no. We need to write a new language 'Oh, hey, hi, you're here because you know working out is good for you, you like it and you're choosing to be here for literally just that?' Amazing. Me too!'

When I learnt that you could workout and have it be nothing to do with aesthetics, I desired it more than anything. Like that must be SO nice to not have to FEEL like you have to do extra cardio to burn extra calories.

It seemed unreachable though.

Until it wasn’t.

After realising that the way I was approaching my workouts was not leading me towards how I actually wanted to feel in my life, I just had to pivot.

And now I lift, run, move, bike, breathe, sweat, go slow, go fast all because I choose to. It’s not out of shame or punishment or guilt. I’m never at the gym because I’m trying to control anything. I don’t go from a place of fear.

I’m not there to burn calories or earn the right to eat. I go from a place of choice and freedom.

I think having conviction in what you’re doing and it being from a place of choice is truly something to envy because it’s not an easy place to get to.

To let go of what you’ve believed to be true for so many years and go against the grain of the masses is a task.

It’s hard to believe so hard in yourself and that there’s more for you with exercise than just to manage your body, when everywhere you turn there’s evidence to prove that you’re wrong.

It's hard to show up and do the work, do the reps and be so wholeheartedly focussed on your own journey, completely undistracted by anyone else around you that you work damn hard for literally no other reason than because you want and like to.

You want and like to because you know so deep in your bones that who you are and what you do once you leave the four walls of the gym is far more important than the calorie burn your watch is showing you. And that your importance and significance in the world doesn’t hinge on what you look like.

That's not an easy place to get to. But, dang, it's a really good place to be.

I dunno. Maybe that is just me.

Except, I kow it’s not.

I know women (current and former clients, friends, colleagues) who have forged their own trail amongst the messy wilderness of the fitness industry and diet culture—but I know this group needs/ wants more rogue women to join it.

This message today is to just remind you that if you’re on the outside looking in and you know there has to be a better way, there is.

Keep writing your own story.

Keep challenging what you’re being told.

Keep digging into your desires and trust your intuition that you know the truth.

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