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Belief VS Hope

There is a very big difference between saying you ‘hope’ something will happen and you ‘believe’ or you ‘have faith’ something will happen. * Hope is coming from a place of fear. And when something is coming from a place of fear you’re already doubting yourself and your ability to do the the thing. You’re already doubting that you’re good enough. * 🍍’I hope I stick to my new training plan.’

🍍’I hope I can add more vegetables into my diet.’ * Hope is a passive emotion, but belief is active. What I mean by this is when you believe in something you actually action things that will lead you down that path to achieving the thing. Hope is more waiting for something extraordinary to happen. * And it rarely does. * Hope – like all things that are based on fear – are painful. Everytime you use ‘hope’ you’re setting up expectations that don’t eventuate and thus cause you pain. It’s an expectation that something or someone will do the work for you. * Faith or belief is an active practice that can actually help facilitate the result you’re looking for; it’s not based on expectations. Faith empowers you to dig in and do the work. It sets a reality and you have to actively participate in the faith you have. * Faith is YOU being the one who makes this happen. * 🍍’I believe I can stick to my new training plan.’ 🍍’I believe I can add more vegetables into my diet.’ * Can you feel the difference there? * When you change your language and sub out ‘I hope’ for ‘I have faith’ or ‘I believe’ THAT is when the true magic happens because NOW you are manifesting that you CAN do the thing. There isn’t space for you not to. * Belief has the power to call forward the result. Of course this isn't going to make the thing just magically happen – you have to work it – but it sets your intentions. When you believe you can do something you’re more invested in doing the daily actions to move you toward that thing. It’s the CONFIDENCE you create from having belief that creates the road to success. You’re telling your body and your mind what you want them to do. You are programming them. * Hope is redundant. Hope won't get you anywhere. Belief is powerful. And faith in yourself is the basis of all success! ❤️

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